Carjacking victim rescued with a Tweet.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Two armed assailants carjacked a man and forced him into the trunk of his car. The car sped off through Honeydew in northwest Johannesburg, with the victim seemingly helpless, locked in his own trunk. However, he realized he did have his mobile phone and managed to text his girlfriend.

She in turn sent a Tweet asking for help and mentioned @pigspotter, a local man with more than 100,000 followers. He retweeted her alert and helped connect her to private security forces in the area. Working together in real-time on Twitter, they managed to track the cell signal from the trunk of the car and inform local police.

Several hours and over 250km later, the carjackers drove into a roadblock near Ventersburg — and fled on foot. Local police released the victim from the trunk. He was unharmed.