Hüseyin Çakir heated his dorm room with a Tweet.

Istanbul, Turkey

When the weather turned unseasonably cold in Istanbul, local college students had no way to get the heat turned on ahead of schedule in the public dorms.

One student turned to Twitter. He sent a Tweet to Suat Kilic, Minister of Youth and Health of Turkey, to ask for help.

Dear Suat Kilic, your young brothers are cold at the dormitories, the heaters aren't working and there are no extra blankets.

The minister replied to the student via a Tweet that said, "My dear brother, I have called the principal of public dorms, you will not be cold any more." His following two Tweets said, "The weather got cold earlier than expected, thanks to your warning, all public dorm heaters will start working starting tomorrow all over the country @huseyincakir32" and "I've been informed that the heaters are on in Istanbul dorms, go touch the heaters and see if it's warm @huseyincakir32".